Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Elements of Art Journaling

How exciting, A wonderful opportunity for all... A journaling workshop is being offered by Effy over at Wild Precious Studio. 
This 6 week Course starts July1st. 

~*~*~*Sparkly Glitter*~*~*~

The Elements of Art Journaling is going to take you on a journey through earth, air, water, fire and spirit that will help you to create the most meaningful pages you possibly can. These pages will be beautiful. They will glow with your talent! They will shine with artistry and vibrancy and glorious colour!
Most importantly, these pages will be authentically, gorgeously, vibrantly and undeniably YOURS.

The art journal is more than just a collection of pretty pages, right? It is a snapshot of your very soul preserved forever in paint and glitter and kept like hidden treasure up on a shelf in your studio. It is a gritty, raw, love-oozing, self-reflective testimony! It is a dioxazine purple remembrance! A quinacridone nickel azo gold love letter! It is you – all of you – wrapped up in hemp twine or antique lace like a gift from the you of this present moment to the you of tomorrow.
When & Where
Registration is NOW OPEN! The classroom will be held in a private group within the gorgeous cyber-walls of Wild Precious Studio. There will be a fantastic PRE-CLASS PARTY but class won’t start until JULY 1, 2011. After the course is over the classroom itself will remain open for six more weeks to allow for catching up and downloading.
What Else?
The course will include videos & PDF's along with personal attention from Effy. everything you post will get her feedback. There will be a live chat every week for the duration of our ‘chapter’ weeks.
There are six ‘chapters’ but she will continue giving feedback on your work for a full eight weeks. The group itself will stay open for 12 weeks, and all course materials are yours to keep!
There will be 6 projects.  And one of those projects will be an altered composition book journal that we’ll make ourselves to keep all our TEAJ stuff in!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mail Art ~Postcards ~ ATC's & Current Projects

I've had a lot of down time these past few weeks which has been great for making art. I use my art as a form of mental, spiritual and physical therapy. Even when I'm feeling my worst, I try to do something that makes my heart sing and others smile. Some days all I can do is cut...I've found that having a pair of scissors in every room (bathrooms) helps me to keep my mind off less pleasant pain.

I cut up old magazines, broken discarded books, brochures, or other interesting items I find around town or given to me for my many collage projects. I have friends sending me old magazines from the late 1800's from around the world.  Currently I'm looking for anything Victorian, so if you have any to spare, please send them my way... especially anything with flowers.

 I believe that by bringing art into your life whether it's something your doing with your hands, listening to music, playing music, baking, putting your hands in the soil of your garden, or maybe even looking at others art,  seeing art in person, or in a magazine, out at a park or garden, museums, or art gallery's is very healing. It helps us connect to each other, helps us see life outside our self.

On days when I can't go any where, or don't feel much like doing anything...if I pick up one of my artistic magazines or books, I drift off to another place, sort of a mini artist date with myself. A sense of peace washes over me and I get lost in the art either by the act of doing or by the visual of seeing or listening. Cutting for my collages brings me up close and personal with each piece I cut. I've learned so many new things about the art of our world just by cutting up old discarded magazines...  All of which help ease my pain, make my day much brighter, and bring sunshine and warmth into my soul. It helps me to forget about my illness, my aches and pains and see the beauty of our world in a different light. There are even several different forms of therapy utilizing art as their source of healing world wide.

I challenge you to give it a try. spend one hour a day or even a week doing something artistic, something that you love, or something that brings a smile to your face and peace to your heart. Tell me how it makes you feel. Maybe there's something that you've always wanted to try, or something that you use to do in your old life... the one before marriage, kids, mortgages and bills... Maybe it's just allowing yourself to get lost in a CD, or hot bath or with a book that you've always wanted to read but have never found the time.  You can even get in an artist date by looking at someone's blog that gives you inspiration... like mine :)

My point is... do something, anything, as long as it makes your heart sing. Let yourself become a beginner again... let your spirit feel like a child filled with wonder and curiosity. You will be amazed at how it makes you feel. Share your story with me of your artistic adventure/artist date and I will send you one of my post cards...Give art a try!

Sharing my art with you brings happiness to my heart, mind and soul.  
Until next time, happy creating!
ATC's I've created for my healing art group  here in Port Townsend
Flower Series
Postcards I've created for my Mail Art group 
from around the world
yes... they are going out tomorrow


Journal pages

Kindred Spirit Project for Betty ~ Roses On My Table

Betty an artist and group leader over at Roses On My Table is a bit under the weather, so some of her friends have put together a Kindred Spirit Project to help cheer her up. Each of us contributing will send a 5 x 7 decorated front and back page to another member MJ who will put together a chunky book to send to Betty in hopes of cheering her up, lifting her spirits and  aiding her back to health with love from each of us.  

If your interested in sending a page to a fellow artist or if you'd just like to get involved with a community of loving people from around the can go to Roses On My Table. Zinnia has amazing classes, workshops, art exchange groups, along with other exciting activities to keep your interests inspired for hours and hours... I know, every time I visit her site, I spend several hours admiring the amazing art work posted by Zinnia, her participants and community member's. I end up getting lost in all the beauty, excitement and every one's encouraging words... Making me always feeling better then before I entered. That's what I want to do for you here... 

I would like to put a smile on your face, add a bit of spirit to your heart, inspiration to your creative soul,  and a skip to your step... maybe encourage you to pick up a paint brush or scissors, cut some collage art, create a card or painting, crochet a scarf or dish cloth, bend some copper wire around a stone, draw a doddle in a journal, write your life story, create something out of things you have laying around your house or items you find on the beach, at a park or out in nature... Art has brought so much love back into my heart and life... I hope what I create here brings some joy into your life as well... Love and hugs everyone. Until next time~ Enjoy~

Here is the front page of my gift to Betty
Here is the back page without the attached card:
This is the back page with the card that slides into the back decorated envelope attached. 
The Healing with Art magnet is removable, underneith are hidden charms...
The Love card is one of my designes.
My love and prayers are with you Betty, please heal quickly!!!