Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kindred Spirit Project for Betty ~ Roses On My Table

Betty an artist and group leader over at Roses On My Table is a bit under the weather, so some of her friends have put together a Kindred Spirit Project to help cheer her up. Each of us contributing will send a 5 x 7 decorated front and back page to another member MJ who will put together a chunky book to send to Betty in hopes of cheering her up, lifting her spirits and  aiding her back to health with love from each of us.  

If your interested in sending a page to a fellow artist or if you'd just like to get involved with a community of loving people from around the can go to Roses On My Table. Zinnia has amazing classes, workshops, art exchange groups, along with other exciting activities to keep your interests inspired for hours and hours... I know, every time I visit her site, I spend several hours admiring the amazing art work posted by Zinnia, her participants and community member's. I end up getting lost in all the beauty, excitement and every one's encouraging words... Making me always feeling better then before I entered. That's what I want to do for you here... 

I would like to put a smile on your face, add a bit of spirit to your heart, inspiration to your creative soul,  and a skip to your step... maybe encourage you to pick up a paint brush or scissors, cut some collage art, create a card or painting, crochet a scarf or dish cloth, bend some copper wire around a stone, draw a doddle in a journal, write your life story, create something out of things you have laying around your house or items you find on the beach, at a park or out in nature... Art has brought so much love back into my heart and life... I hope what I create here brings some joy into your life as well... Love and hugs everyone. Until next time~ Enjoy~

Here is the front page of my gift to Betty
Here is the back page without the attached card:
This is the back page with the card that slides into the back decorated envelope attached. 
The Healing with Art magnet is removable, underneith are hidden charms...
The Love card is one of my designes.
My love and prayers are with you Betty, please heal quickly!!!

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