Monday, August 27, 2012

Adventure to Alaska for my son's wedding

Day 5... Wowzzzzzzaaaaaaa... Who said driving to Alaska  from Washington only took 4 …they must not be pulling a trailer or driving an RV... they must be driving one of those sports cars I see buzzing by and making me eat their

I guess day one and day two can be meshed into one day of actual driving time as we didn't leave until 2PM the first day and barley made it over the Washington/Canada border before they closed...Then there was a hick-up with the breaks as I was driving into the board crossing making for a very interesting entry into Canada... I had to prove I hadn't been drinking as I kept skidding and squealing my breaks as I slowly tried to inch my way in line to the border control...evidently they didn't think that was a good thing even though I told the officer I didn't know what was wrong... I really didn't know...
After a quick trip inside, about 100 questions... a brief trip to the ladies room and interview with a very nice boarder control lady we were allowed into the beautiful country of Canada as we pass through to Alaska...

Day two... the morning was spent trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with the breaks... after a few phone calls... a lesson from a neighboring RV'er on how to adjust the external trailer break after I must of bumped it while waiting in the long line to cross the boarder... we were off and running again... I learned more about breaks then I ever cared to know...but now I'm glad I do... hopefully the next boarder entry will go much

Day three, four and five...well there all starting to blend...
It's been quite the adventure... I can say I'm glad I'm doing it... but flying is so much faster and much less stressful... but I highly suggest everyone drive the Alcan Alaskan Highway at least don't take HWY short cut does not always mean better or

We've seen the most amazing places, animals, scenic views, majestic mountains and buffalo... We've soaked in the Laird hot springs while we watched a black bear eat berries off the bushes. We've barely made it up three mountains and felt like we were on a non-stop roller coaster on the way down... Thank God I learned how to use and adjust the

We're almost there, we arrived in Whitehorse Yukon this evening and should be in Alaska sometime tomorrow evening, and Anchorage the next day if all goes according to plan, but we’ve learned one thing this trip, plans change, going with the flow bring about much more happiness and calm driving...
We can barely contain our excitement to get back to Alaska and to go home to see our boys, our neighbors and friends...Seeing the mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife made us homesick for Alaska... Seeing the snow on several of the mountain tips in the end of August made us appreciate and love our new home in Washington...Life is an adventure... No matter where you are, where you go, how you see it, or what you do with it... it's still an adventure... why not make it the best one ever...<3 <3 <3

Pictures are coming... check back soon!


  1. Loved reading this Chell, can't wait for next post and pics!

    1. Kim... Thank you! It's been a total whirlwind since we arrived, I've barely had time to catch my breath. Pictures are coming soon!

  2. It sounds like an exciting trip despite the hassle with the trailer brakes. How lovely that your son is getting married...I'm sure it will be amazing! xo

  3. Serena... it was exciting! We are so happy being here in Alaska even though it's rained every day since we arrived. Alaska is still quite beautiful clouds and all...