Monday, December 30, 2013

Money Saving Tips and Tricks I Use In My Art Creations

I have a couple tips and tricks that I like and use frequently to help me conserve money while creating art...
1.  I use old magazines that I've gone through and pulled out everything of interest. Instead of tossing them I use them as my workspace pallet especially when I'm gluing or using the double sided tape... I can have a clean working space after using each corner of each page... then I just turn the page and I have another clean surface... it saves time and keeps my art clean and fresh.  

2.  For painting, I use inexpensive paper-plates as my pallet... seems more economical, especially when I find them at garage sales or on sale, they are normally cheaper than the throw-away pallets. When I'm done with them I let them dry, then I cut up and use in my art, I can get a couple ATC's or tabs, or I cut specific shapes out to use in my art. 

3.  For my drawing surface, I use a white card stock or cut up cereal boxes so one I can check colors of pens/pencils/markers or paint as I go, I can write out a word to check spelling or design before applying to my piece so I make less mistakes...  then when it's full I cut them up to use as backgrounds of my ATC's, or for a larger art piece. 

4.  I bake a lot, so I discovered a use for the plastic container included with each 3 pack of Crisco shortening sticks (meant to keep your shortening sticks fresher) for my homemade glue mixture... I take different glues depending on what I'm working on and mix with water to thin. Each package also contains a cover. it will keep even longer if I put in a zip-lock bag in- between use.

5.  I recycle almost every piece of mail I get... if it doesn't need to be saved, I cut it up and use in my art projects, all the way down to the envelope, I love the different designs that each country or company has...  I use the stamps or postmarks in my art, I save the return address in my yearly address book so I have accurate addresses for all my art friends... I use postcards for ATC's or I create art around/over them and send to my art friends, I cut up all the interesting pictures to use in my collage art, I even use flyer's or heavy advertising pages for making homemade envelopes to mail or use in my art journal.

 6.  I also make home made tape to use in my art by using double sided tape onto tissue paper, wrapping paper, old bags that I like, fabric, or anything else I like and tape can be applied to... it saves from buy expensive tapes, plus I can make as little of it or a lot.... brightens up my journals and is easy to work with...

I hope some of my tips work for you.... have fun, create, play, and recycle in the new year!

{{{{{Love & Hugs}}}}


  1. great tips. well said

  2. Thank you Sherry for visiting my tips page, I'm glad you enjoyed them !!!!

  3. So glad I found your blog!! I've loved everything I've seen!! :) I stumbled upon your Art Abandonment blog which is how I learned about the group, which I now am apart of it! Thanks so much for all the lovely info!! :)

    <3 Noonie @ BSOM