Saturday, August 15, 2015

4G's Blog Hop Day 2 Project: Tip-in's

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Kyla Schrake:

My 2nd Project is a play off of Yesterday's Project called:


What To Do With All Those Decorated Envelopes and Happy Mail 

You've Been Collecting

I don't know about you, but I've been collecting envelopes, cards, letters, and 
postcards since I was young. Most sat in a box until about 10 years ago when
I decided that my collection was to important to just be shoved into
a shoe-box and hidden in my closet or stacked in a corner.

I decided that from now on I would do something creative with every card, postcard,
or letter I've received. I went through all my boxes...
Put them into categories... some I couldn't even remember who they came from.
Some brought back many memories of family members, friends or events.
It was actually quite an adventure down memory lane.

Some of the cards needed to be re-purposed, by that I mean cut up to 
be used as ephemera in collages and different art pieces.  
Some I absolutely fell in love with and
went into my special pile. That pile is what ended up in my journals.
Some people refer to it as a smash book... a new term that was brought into the 
mix a few years ago in art journaling.
But for me it's called tip-ins. 

A tip-in is something you add to your journal to make an additional page, 
like this....

 How do you add these pages or tip-ins?
I like to use Washi tape, staples,  duck tape or regular scotch tape.
It all depends on what you want showing...
Decorative tape adds a creative element to your journal 
making it colorful and exciting. You can match your tape
to what's going on in your life, holidays, or just your favorite style.
Here are a few of mine. I string them on a ribbon so I can keep
them visible and quickly accessible.  Some people like to store them in
large jars so they look like the old fashion candy store jars.
I hang my ribbon from my lamp... 
Washi tape has so many uses to be addressed in a future blog of it's own.

Washi Tape
You can also make your own Decorative tape using double sided tape 
 like I did above using tissue paper

 Adding pages and your cards is easy
 Your journal becomes a part of you and what you love
Creating a beautiful book filled with memories, cards, letters, postage stamps,
addresses from envelopes, pieces of wrapping paper from special gifts or events...etc.
... the list is endless of what you can collect and 
store in your journals... 
You can even do themed journals like all birthdays, Christmas or holidays.
I love to do special event journals like when my kids came to visit, 
I created a Victorian themed journal to add pictures to.
I collected napkins, coasters, brochures of things we did
like from the Wooden Boat festival as you'll see in my
Victorian Seaport Journal below...

  You can view the entire journal on my YouTube Channel
I hope you enjoyed my project of Tip-ins...
Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a one of a kind prize made by me
See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Wow...I love your journals!! What a great way to repurpose all that great envelope art, cards, etc. It looks so fun!

  2. Love your expertise in creating such fun books....working on one for my daughters engagement party. Lil nervous that I would mess it up...but won't know until I get started would I? Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Going to work on some envelopes too.

  3. Really like your tip in ideas. I love Washi Tape, too, great post today Michele.

  4. Such a FUN book. I bet you could look at that over and over again and see something you forgot you put in there long ago.
    Paula Driver

  5. LOVE your journal with the tip ins! I think I shall do that to my art journal too!! GREAT works of ART!!!!!

  6. I love your tip ins. I don't see my earlier comment so if this is a repeat u can remove it - sorry.

  7. Love the journals. Especially the Victorian Seaport. Thanks for the video.

  8. Fabulous idea! I use the envelopes, even undecorated, to keep the die cuts and tags from the swap and then I don't forget who gave them to me and I can give them a shoutout when I use them too! Thanks for sharing, Germaine.

  9. Your journals are awesome! Very informative post about the tip ins.

  10. I love all the tip in advice! I have lots of beautif stuff I can add in this way. I can't wait to try it. Thank you. 😊

  11. this is totally great!!!! love the journals that you made. so colorful

  12. So colorful and wonderful. I especially like the use of Washi tape for attaching things.

  13. love your journals!! it's a wonderful thing to preserve all the cards and envelopes!! very nice!!

  14. Great idea to make the Tip ins.

  15. wow! i love your journals! they are so colorful and awesome!

  16. I love your journals and all that washi tape!! I might have to come back and learn how to make one myself!