Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Act's of Kindness By Way of .......................Love Love Love & More Love....

These past few weeks have been an energy charged emotional roller coaster filled with  bursts of love, compassion and heartfelt appreciation....  all generated by a simple gift of a Valentine...... I just wanted to share the powerful gift of love I've experienced these past few weeks since Valentine’s Day.  I also want to share my random acts of love, appreciation and kindness with my faithful readers.

As I wrote last month, Valentine's has always been very special to me. I love giving them out just as much as I love receiving them. It’s my way of letting those around me known that I love and appreciate them.  I do it for them just as much as I do it for myself. It makes me feel good knowing I put a smile in someone’s heart. That's what makes my world sing.

My cards were a huge hit this year... everyone loved them. Most said it was the first card they have received in years. Some even went as far to say it was the only card or Valentine wishes they had ever received.... This broke my heart and made me start thinking of way I could spread my love all year long.  I decided that I was going to do random acts of kindness throughout the year, making everyday special. 

I went through all my boxes of greeting cards, post cards and stationary that I've been collecting for that special moment for years... I picked out my favorites, grabbed a hot cup of chi tea, curled up in my blankets and started writing out little notes of love and friendship. Making each card unique, I addressed them: To My Friend...I wrote out as many as I could before exhausting myself as I was still not feeling well. Noticing that once I was finished I felt so much better knowing that each little note card was filled with love, compassion and my heartfelt blessings; Knowing that I would be sending love into the world to those who might not have any, or could use a little extra that particular day,....Expressing my love, appreciation, and friendship to friends I've yet to meet. I put several in my art bag, my purse, my car, and my backpack that I sometimes carry with me. I wanted to be sure that I always have some with me to hand out randomly at all times, when people least expect it, hoping to make their day as others have made my day when I've received an unexpected cards in the mail.

A couple weeks ago, after spending the week giving out Valentine's to everyone I came into contact with... I received a couple different invitations to groups of artist's on line who also wanted to send out Random Acts of Kindness...Carol at A Little Goddess In All  and Effy at  Wild Precious  had invited me to join their group of creative souls to join in on one of their RAK.... Serendipitous? I don't think so.... I believe that when we send love out into our troubled world... it generates more love and brings love right back into your life... I believe this group of ladies came into my life just when I need them.... Just like I may be coming into your life when you need me...

I believe that we are all connected by our energy... As a practitioner of The Artist's Way... the one thing we learned is that the universe is always working with us.... So when our thoughts are generating love, kindness, gratitude, generosity, and appreciation.... it will come back to you tenfold... you attract that which you project... So if you project love... love will come back to you.

If you don't believe me....walk into a room smiling...laughing...with flowers, or singing... and see how the energy of the room changes... Then just to prove my point...walk into a room and be grumpy, frowning, sad, or crying.... and feel the energy of the room follow suit. Just try it... see for yourself if you haven't experienced it... or maybe you just haven't noticed....our world is a changing place... it is in need of love, kindness, compassion, and encouragement. How will you help change our world and make it a better place to live? How will you bring love into your life?

I would love to hear about your "Random Acts of Kindness" "Pay-it-forwards" or "Loving gestures" towards others. For the next year on the last day of every month I will pick and feature one story left in my comments section that moves my heart. If your story is picked and featured, you will receive a signed original Altered Post Card Art such as the ones I've posted above and below. This will be my gift to you....  In order to enter for your opportunity to receive one of my cards... you must post your Random Act of Kindness in my comment area. I hope that I've inspired you to love and be loved. 

Love, hugs & peace to all of you... 
Each of you are special, each of you mean the world to me...
Thank you for visiting my blog, 
Thank you for sharing your thoughts,
Thank you for being in my life!

Each card is watercolor painted on one side and collage on the other, 
each is unique and an original by me. 


  1. How kewl, my sister-friend. I find my mind focusing on random acts of kindness more and more. It seems to move my other art to a higher level as well.

  2. Thank you Carol...Your Beautiful site is a random act of kindness that keeps giving each and every day of the year.... thank you for your lovely comment, and yes... I find that the more love I give, the more that comes back to me too... Love and hugs my dear friend!!!