Friday, July 22, 2011

Exciting New Give-A-Way at Willowing.ning

Tam over at Willowing and Friends is at it again. has recently surpassed the 5000 members mark and she is celebrating. She is having a BIG MASSIVE GIVE-A-WAY for her members, so hurry, there's still time to join in on the fun. She's giving away several prizes including a place in her up coming year long workshop called The Life Book. I am sooo excited for her, the prizes and her up coming workshop. What an opportunity for several lucky member's, not to mention everyone who participates in her new Life Book year long workshop... which she is offering at a very reasonable price of $99.00... Who offer's a jam packed 12 month workshop for under a hundred bucks these days....Tam does, your gonna love her!

Over the past year I have participated in several of Tam's online workshops... I have learn so many new techniques, remembered old ones I had forgotten, met friends from around the world, and sparked a renewed interest in creating multimedia art. There is so much magic, enthusiasm, inspiration and love floating around Willowing and Friends, your bound to be swept up, hugged and loved to death. What a better way to spend some quality time then taking care of you! Her new Life Book WS is all about learning to love and cherish our selves...Something that's hard to do for most of us...So if you haven't visited her Willowing.ning give it a try... Who knows, you may win one of her lovely prizes, meet a new friend, or find something new about yourself. I hope to see you there!!! 
{{{{{{Love and hugs everyone}}}}}}

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  1. I'm so moved by your post and msg on the site Michele, truly, deeply, heartwarmingly touched and moved. Thank you so much. It's people like you I do it for!! Big hugs banana hugs! ;) oxxoxo *kiss*