Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michele's Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Favorites

Chel Marie's Gravy
2 Family Size cans of Cream of Chicken (Campbell’s soup)
2 Reg. size cans Cream of Mushroom (Campbell’s soup)
2 Reg. size cans Carnation Evaporated Milk
2 Tab. Worcestershire sauce
2 Tab. Soy sauce (Kikkoman)
¼ Tea. White pepper
Mix, heat and serve… careful not to scorch bottom of pan… burns easy….
Chel Marie's Sweet Potatoes
6-10 large Yams
6-10 large Sweet potatoes
Puncture patatoe's with fork and bake on a cookie sheet covered with tinfoil until potatoes are soft, usually about an hour at 450 degrees. (You can also boil instead until fork goes through potato… again about an hour…)
Let cool… peal and chuck potatoes in a stone bake ware or glass baking dish.  (Be sure to spay pan with Pam cooking spray first so it won’t stick.)
Slice a stick of butter and sprinkle potatoes…
Sprinkle 4-6 table spoons of dark brown sugar on to top of potatoes…
I repeat this step half way through cooking; also spooning melted butter from baking dish over the potatoes to recoat…
Cover with tin foil and bake at 375’ until crispy around the edges… around 3-4 hours.
When finished, I store on top of stove over night covered. Then on the day of serving, I reheat at 375’ for about an hour, once heated, I put a bag of Kraft small marshmallows on top and broil for just a few minutes until marshmallows become golden brown.
You can also add chopped pecans if you like; I add them to a small bowl of potatoes before adding the marshmallows.  Or you can put on one side of dish for those who like them, and those who don’t.
The key is to caramelize the potatoes’, sometimes at the end before adding the marshmallows, I remove some of the butter if there is too much sitting on top… I also never usually disturb the potatoes being careful not to stir too much because it starts to break them up and making them more like mashed then chunks… but whatever you prefer is best.  Enjoy!!!
Chel Marie's Stuffing

Depending on how many servings you want or if you’re stuffing a chicken or turkey will depend on how much you make… I will give single recipe for a chicken, I 4 times the recipe for a turkey, stuffing what I can and baking the remainder in a covered baking dish with a little chick broth poured over the top to add some moisture.

1 lb of Jimmy Dean sausage

3/4th C. Celery Chopped

½ c green onions chopped

Brown in frying pan

While meat is frying, I prep the stuffing mixture.

In a large stainless steel bowl, add

1 bag of Pepperidge farm stuffing cubed.  (When I make the 4x’s recipe, I mix 2 cubed, and 2 crushed)

Beat 3 eggs in a separate bowl and pour over the dried bread cubs, mix to coat bread.

In a sauce pan melt 1 full stick of land-o-lakes butter and 1 cup of water, bring to a gentle boil.

Pour over the bread crumb mixture and eggs, helping to cook your eggs.

Now pour over the browned meat, onions and celery mixture… juice and all… this will finish cooking your eggs.

Add salt and pepper with a 1/8 teaspoon of dried sage over the top, mix, taste… you may need to add a little more.

Note: When I make this for a turkey, I  4X’s the recipe; Making enough to stuff a 20lb turkey with a separate baking dish for those who don’t like their stuffing to moist. Enjoy!!!

Chel Marie's Orange Jello

1 box of Orange Jello

1 can of mandarin oranges drained

1 small Cool Whip topping container

Make the jello as described on package; add 1 can of drained Mandarin Oranges, cover and refrigerate.
Once solid and right before serving, fold cool whip into jello and fruit mixture. Serve. Enjoy!!!

I will be posting more soon... Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving. Love and Hugs Everyone!!!!


  1. Thanks for these great recipes....much appreciated!

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Serena ~ xo

  2. Thank you Serena... I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving....I've been thinking about you, praying your doing well... Love and Hugs, xoxo

  3. Mmmmmmm, I remember just HOW amazing your Thanksgiving dinners are! Glad you posted the recipes too - thanks. Hope you are doing well!

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