Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome To My Pinterest Boards


After months and months of seeing all my friends Pinterest boards pop up all over Facebook,
I decided to check it out, see what was so special about all this pinning stuff...
Well, to say the least... There should be a WARNING attached to all
It is soooooo addictive, fun, exciting, mesmerizing, hypnotic and riveting.
One could completely get lost for hours and hours and not even remember where you started 
or how you got in. I have learned so much about things I never knew existed. 
It's like window shopping around the world, but not just for stuff! 
You can find ideas, examples, inspiration, educational explanations, ways to decorate, how-to's, art,
creative storage ides, photo's that are beautiful and just to love, gardening tips, art instruction, unique food,
quotes, whimsy inspirations, places to visit around the world, dream destinations, cooking tips made easy,
valentines, promotions, contests, sweet treats, holiday ides, etc.... 
The list can go on and on and on...
The thing I really love about this site is that you can keep all your likes, desires, wants, needs, dreams, projects, recipes, how-to, and future home ides, whether you think you'll need something now or if you may need it at some future date, like if your planning on having a baby, or your little ones may be going to school or off to college in the near future... 
It's a place where you can organize everything you like in one place. 
If that we're enough... You can also see what others like.
You can see what your kids like, want, or covet 
(even though we've been told our whole life to never covet
We all know how well that one worked out... 
Is it called coveting or is it dreaming? I'd like the think it's called dreaming....
Dreams are what we are all made of!
I also love that you can see what your family and friends like or would like,  making for easy gift idea's.
It can even help spark your creative juices flowing, I think my D.I.Y. Craft Ideas board is one of my largest.
So if you haven't checked out Pinterest yet I urge you to give it a try, 
if your like me you'll be amazed at the wealth of information, imagination and motivation.
I only have about 25 boards and 130+ pins but some of my friends have thousands so if you get board with mine, I'm sure you find many many more to keep you entertained. 
But.... Don't take my word, check it our for yourself and add me to your friend list, 
I'd love to see what boards you come up with! 
~  Enjoy! ~

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