Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Auntie's Homemade Beef Stew

My Auntie's Homemade Beef Stew
I love you Aunt Marlene

3 pounds of Stew Meat
4 cups of Flour, 
1 Tablespoon of Salt, 
1 Tablespoon of Pepper
Sake above ingredients in a large plastic bag until the beef is well coated. 
Heat large frying pan on the stove, once heated, add enough vegetable oil to cover bottom of pan,  heat a minute or two... then add a single layer of flour coated beef in pan... Brown all sides.

Once nicely browned remove meat onto a several layers of paper towel to drain excess oil from meat.
While Meat if frying... I peal and cut up in 1" chunks 10 large carrots, 10 large Russet pealed Baking Potatoes,  1 large stalk of Celery (about 10 sticks), and 1 Large Sweet Onion.

 Spray Pam in a large Roaster pan covering all areas, even the rim of the lid... (you'll thank me later... ) 

Place all ingredients into a large Roaster. (I prefer the old-fashioned Black with white specks one. You can also use a dutch oven... The above measurements are for the large roaster.)
Add enough water to cover meat and veggies (about 12 cups). Cover with lid and put into a 
350* degree oven for about 3 to 4 hours.
When done add  2 cups of frozen peas. I hate mushy peas which is why I add them last... they will thaw while your stew is resting a minute before serving.

Stew is done when the stew begins to brown and when you stir the stew it will thicken up from the soft carrots and potato's... If too watery for your taste... you can always mix a cup of flour and water into a cup and slowly add to the stew to thicken... I rarely have to do this.  

I usually check the stew every hour until I feel it's done... It should look like the above picture ... 

Below is a picture step by step... Enjoy!

3-4 pounds of Stew Meat
Cut to bite size pieces and trimmed
Mix Flour, Salt and Pepper in a plastic bag
Flour, salt and pepper mixture before adding beef
Add enough Vegetable oil to over bottom of pan (you may need to repeat this process with every new batch of meat.)
Carefully add meat to oil.
this is about how much I make at a time, I normally have about 4 pan fulls.
Browning meat on all sides...
Use Glass Plate with several layers of paper towel to remove excess oil from meat
This is one of my favorite little kitchen secrets... I use it for everything... 
I love this little tool, I even have a larger one for the bar-b-q grill
I use my cool little Hook to flip and remove my pieces.

Place browned meat on paper towels This about how brown I like it...

Peal and Cut Potato's in 1" chunks
Peal and Cut Celery in 1" chunks

Add to roaster

Peal and Cut Carrots in 1" chunks, add to the Roaster Pan

Slice Onions 1/4"

Add to the Roaster Pan

Add Meat to the roster Pan... Salt and Pepper the entire pan. Add about 12 cups of water, just covering the top of the veggies and meat.

Some times I make too much so I add some to another roaster.

Cover and Bake at 350 degrees for 3-4 hours. Small pan will take less time.

Once thick enough... add Frozen peas. This is how the finished Stew should Look Easy Peasy...

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