Sunday, August 16, 2015

4G's Blog Hop Day 3~ Dolls Gone Wild


Welcome to day three of our three day blog hop that end's today. Please visit each blog listed below. Each blogger will post a different project during all three days of the blog hop for you to comment on. Each comment gains you one entry for prizes being drawn tomorrow,  Monday August 17th from each blog.
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Tomorrow August 17, each blogger will randomly select a winner from all entries for a prize. If you are a winner, the blogger will contact you directly. 
Here is a list of bloggers participating... Check each one out, follow and like each blog... give their project a try and leave a comment for a chance to win... It's that easy! 

Kyla Schrake:

My 3rd Project is all about Dolls

I love dolls... All dolls, I always have... When I was young I had my favorites who all slept with me every night... During the day my dolls were always set up so each of their faces were visible in a grouping...
Over the years my collection became quite large as my obsession grew hoping one day I'd pass my love of dolls off to a daughter... As a mother of all boys, well you can imagine my boys didn't share the same love or adornment. Every time I'd leave the house I'd come home to find my dolls covered with blankets, turned upside down or facing backwards... My boys swore it wasn't them but I knew they hated my dolls... They said when I wasn't home my dolls always watch them, freaking them out... To this day when they come over some how my dolls get covered... It cracks us up

When we left Alaska 5 years ago most of my dolls were left behind 
with fellow doll lovers which broke my heart as everyone had a special story... 

For today's Project and my love of dolls 
I want to hear your favorite doll stories... 
Post here for a chance to win an an extra prize
Tomorrow I'll draw a name from this blog, 
the winner will receive an envelope full 
of doll ephemera from my collection
If you have pictures, I'd love to see them
email me at…
for an extra chance to win...

Here are some of my favorite dolls I still have...

Sugar Britches was made for me in Alaska... she is like a real life baby. I adore her!

Micky is my youngest son's stuffed Mouse.. his Grandma sent it to him when he broke his foot.   

Micky also has a cast on his foot. 

ATC size dolls I received as a gift

My favorite Doll postcard from the 1940's

I made this paper doll out of jewelry, yarn, ribbons, nylons, and paper

Below are some ATC's I've made of dolls

Now it's your turn... I want to hear your favorite doll stories... 
Post here for a chance to win an an extra prize


  1. wow nice collection! i have a few just gave to my daughter

  2. One of my few childhood memories is the smell of my new doll at Christmas!! They don't smell the same today. I have 3 ceramic dolls that look real and my hubby and son think they are too creepy! I'll send you some pics. Thanks for sharing, Germaine

  3. When my oldest (Angellica) was 2 (almost 3), she had a set of triplet dolls. My youngest (Sarah) was about 6 months. One day, sarah was having a particularly bad evening and nearing bedtime, Angellica came to Sarah with one of her triplet dolls, snuggled it in beside her in her crib, and said, "Don't be scared Sarah. My baby will hold your hand and be with u all night." The fooling morning, Sarah appeared to be hugging the doll and It was just the sweetest thing.

  4. wow!! you have a nice collection of dolls... I used to have dolls when I was young.. then it was given to some other kids.. Now my daughter has a few.. she's just starting to play with them.

  5. What a cute collection! Love the little ATCs you made.

  6. When I was little my best friend and I were into Cabbage Patch Dolls. My very first, and favorite one was a little boy named Harry. He was bald. So whenever I went to spend the night at my friends house...which was every weekend...her aunt(who lived with them) would rub Harry's head and laugh about him being bald and named Harry.

  7. My favorite doll as a child was my Raggedy Ann doll. I carried her EVERYWhere!!
    Paula Driver

  8. wow.. what a collection! I use to have a raggedy ann doll (original) but I lost her in a move when i was my princess has bears and barbies and babies doll galore..=)

  9. You have quite the collection, love the vintage postcard!!!

  10. These dolls are so all the dolls...and the atc doll you received is one of my Raggedy Ann and Andy since I was lil.

  11. I used to love playing house with my dolls and stuffed animals with my sister. We also played school. We had a chalkboard at the end of the hallway in our mobile home and a little table/chairs set. We used the chairs and rocking chairs for the dolls and took turns teaching math and spelling! We then moved on to Barbie dolls and the best memory I have from playing with Barbie's was Robby, a guy that always got us in trouble that lived across the street from us, played Barbie's with us one day! LOL! Somewhere is a picture to prove it! I even had a Barbie McDonald's!