Art, Heart, Healing and Inspiration

I've created this page for my art, heart and healing.
 Where my heart resides and where healing begins...
Check back for updated projects, works of art and inspiration...


This is a "Soul Journey Journal"

I did for a class I took in 2011 with 

Tamara Laporte

On Willowing.ning

"Honoring Myself"
We altered a book project, learned techniques on more background layering with acrylic transfers. We altered photographs, and learned the basics on how to create a whimsy creatures.

Healing Focus: Celebration & Empathy/ Compassion"


My Empathy Monster is called:
Purple People Eater
 She eats anyone who says anything bad about me... 
She eats anyone who casts doubt my way, 
She eats anyone who would try to belittle me, or stop me from being me. 
She is loving and has promised to always be here for me....
She is my "Purple People Eater" and I love her.... Enjoy!

Her mouth is zip-able and is made so you can write out your fears on a little piece of paper
and put it into her mouth, zip it up and she'll eat it gone...
I sewed her completely by hand, feeling that pulling the machine out would be too much work, 
I decided that it would just be easier to create it stitch by stitch...
I recommend taking the machine out...She took me over a week to make,  
we became quite I sewed her right into my PJ's,


Collage Jars
Dream Jars,
Prayer Jar,
 God Jars,
Wishing Jar...
They have many names... Call it as you wish!
I taught this class as part of my Artist Way Course.
Jars are decorated as you wish, I've chosen to do a collage decoupage jar with embellishments.
They could be decorated elaboratly or simply. I like to use unique jars, or bottles.
Once finished, you can write little dreams, prayers, wishes and place them in the jar. 
I seal each with wax before placing in the jar to keep them more secret or sacred.
You could decorate with feathers, yarns, fibers,
 natural elements, stones or what ever you like.

Fiber Hawaiian Lei
I learned how to make these fiber Lei's when I lived in Hawaii...

Glass Collage Magnets
These are just a few samples of the collage magnets I've made.


Talking Sticks
The talking stick, also called a speaker's staff, is an instrument of aboriginal democracy used by many tribes, especially those of indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast. The talking stick may be passed around a group or used only by leaders as a symbol of their authority and right to speak in public. In a tribal council circle, a talking stick is passed around from member to member allowing only the person holding the stick to speak. This enables all those present at a council meeting to be heard, especially those who may be shy; consensus can force the stick to move along to assure that the "long winded" don't dominate the discussion; and the person holding the stick may allow others to interject. Talking sticks have high ceremonial and spiritual value, and have proved to be exceedingly useful during current implementations.
Akan chiefs in Western Africa have a tradition of speaker's staffs capped with gold-leafed finials. These emerged in the 19th century as a symbol of the holder's power.

Here Are A Sample Of Talking Sticks I've Made

I started making the talking sticks to use in my Artist Way classes. I used it as a tool to keep the conversations from getting into debates, it lets the holder be heard without interruption. 
I also make them for wedding gifts.
Here are a few of my designs. 
I use all natural elements when making my sticks with copper, crystals, and natural stone.

7  Points  Chakra
Wrapped around and through the stick is copper wire which is used to channel energy though all the stones which are each related to in order.
First Chakra - Root - hematite for grounding, obsidian, garnet, ruby
Second - Sacral - Moonstone, and carnelian
Third - Solar Plexus - orange topaz, tiger eye
Fourth - Heart - Malachite, aventurine, jade,
Fifth - Throat - aquamarine, turquoise
Sixth - Third eye - sodalite - lapis lazuli
Seventh - labradorite, amethyst and a amethyst point

The second talking stick is anamethyst copper talking sticks with Quarts Crystals, and Obsidian.

This is the talking stick I made for my son's wedding gift.

If your interested in one of my talking sticks, please send me an email. 
I have several made for purchase or I can make you a custom one of your choice.
Cake Decorating
 I've always been interested in baking, it's one of my passions. I wish I had gone into the culinary arts field when I was younger, as I'm sure your aware by all my wonderful deserts and baked goods I have posted,
 I love love love to bake and decorate, it's another one of my hidden passions.
Here is my first ever decorated layer cake. I took a class in Alaska by
Pati Thomas at JoAnn Fabrics with one of my neighbors, we had way to much fun!!!!

"Made to order by Chel Marie"
Inquire within
 "Hawaiian Traditional Gourd Carving"
I taught The Artist Way on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2009.
One of our "Artist Date's" took place at the

Guardian of the gourd

Mary Amos of the Hawaii Gourd Society leads the way in revitalizing the isle-grown ipu culture and taught six of us how to:

 prep, carve and preserve our gourds that traditional Hawaiian way.

This is my first carving.

this is my second carving, I chose to do the turtles

 Once the carvings were complete, then we filled out gourds with dye and coffee which helpes the skin absorb the dyes an makes your carvings come to life. See the above link for more information.


"Life Collage"
This is a project I started several years ago, it's in a constant state of change, 
every year I update it as my life events occur.
 Stand out things that I want to remember. 
I was asked to make a collage of my life for one of my collage courses... 
This is what I came up with. I've added several items
since I originally designed it in 1992.

 Updated 12-2012

these are just a few of my hidden talents and interests, be sure to check back for new surprises.
Have a Blessed Day!

I hope you've enjoyed my creations, 
works of art and inspirations!



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